State of the FA - Apr 14th, 2020

Today marks the 9th month of life for the Federal Army. That may not sound like much, but in War of Rights, and any game for that matter, that's practically an eternity. In the founding days of the Federal Army, regiments were invited to the FA on the principle of "Complete Autonomy." Meaning - every regiment in the FA determines its own way of doing things and answers to no "overall commander." 

Over the months, many people, especially from brigades outside the FA, have questioned this approach to membership. The primary argument we have seen is one focusing on the high percentage of victories from more classical "top down" style brigades compared to the FA. While I do believe that a strong tactical mind in command of a brigade can bring more victories, I disagree that this is the only style of leadership available to players of War of Rights.

As the FA grew (from a few tiny regiments to over 500 members currently), our identity also began to shift. Our regimental freedom slowly evolved into a very community driven brigade. In fact, a majority of the FA Community plays a vast array of games, often together. I believe this focus on people rather than elitism has been the primary life blood that keeps the FA as strong and as active as it is today.

Players come and go from War of Rights every day, but nearly all the people we retain over a month are not just lovers of the civil war, or even WoR. They are the people who have a unique need to be part of something bigger than themselves. FA survives on an incredibly strong sense of community, more than anything else. 

There are many people who continue to show up for events weekly, sometimes daily even. Most of them will tell you, it isn't because WoR keeps bringing them back (though it certainly plays a role) but because they love playing with other players that they have grown close to. 

Back in 2006, I founded a small gaming group called "Alliance of Gamers." My goal in founding that group was to build a community of gamers from many games and many places. The idea turned out to be wildly successful, and at our peak we reached nearly 20,000 members. Though that community eventually bled off with the advent of steam and other alternatives to old forums, my goal never changed.

I believe that games and gaming bring people together. We continue to come back day after day, not just for the games, but for each other. It's why the FA can consistently fill a server for events, and why there is very little drama between members. 

With that in mind, the FA will continue to soldier on (pun intended) regardless of the state of War of Rights. One day, the game will disappear into the history books, but the community, the friendships, and the bonds that we have built together will keep us coming back for more. Today is not that day though. We remain steadfast as we contribute significant numbers to the game that first drew us all in.

The FA is strong, and the FA continues on. 

Xbwalker - 3rdUS, Gamer Since 1988. 

We also have a Life is Feudal: Your Own server. Search the game for "Federal Knights" and join up!

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