Motto: “Unwavering, Unbroken, Unbeaten, and Unstoppable. We march forward, to victory, for our great nation!”


Purpose: The primary purpose for the creation and continued existence of the Federal Army (Or FA-) is to present the Union with a unified fighting force that rivals similar corps and other large organizations within the CSA team. In addition, the FA is meant to be a place where players and reenactors alike can play with a unified force without the added difficulty of infighting and other toxic behavior within the WoR community.


Core Values

  1. Unity: Companies carry their own identities and way of doing things. However, during battle, all companies involved will fight toward a common goal. All companies are independent but unified in purpose. To this end, communication is shared on the FA- discord during sanctioned events. Channels are separated by geographic location (Center, Left, and Right flanks for instance). 

  2. Integrity: Nobody is above reproach. All officers are responsible for those beneath them. In the absence of an officer, the senior NCO is responsible for the behavior of their men. Conflict is handled in an adult manner. If there are disagreements between individuals, said individuals are encouraged to work their problems out in private conversation. If the conflict can not be resolved, it is escalated upward through the chain of the individuals’ commands. We adhere strictly to the motto, “humility conquers pride.”

  3. Maturity: As stated in our purpose, the FA- takes a strict stand against toxic behavior. Officers and soldiers who consistently act in a way that brings down the morale of the men will be dealt with swiftly. Each officer understands the weight of this responsibility and must act accordingly if bad behavior consists. This includes our interaction with other units, including the enemy. Soldiers will act professionally when wearing FA- tags. Sometimes, this may mean biting one’s tongue instead of returning an insult. Again, “humility conquers pride.”

  4. Discipline: Officers and NCOs are strongly encouraged to drill discipline into all frontline troops. A well disciplined force is drilled to follow orders. A unified force is a deadly force. Attending weekly drill is heavily encouraged, especially for those in leadership positions. 



  1. Companies: The FA- is broken into companies. For the purpose of simplicity, companies are addressed as a single regiment. For instance, 6thVT.A,B, and C, are addressed simple as 6thVT. The FA- Brigade consists of multiple companies working toward a common goal in combat. 

  2. Officers/NCOs: The leadership of individual companies is left to their own design. Companies are however expected to stick to historical ranks, with the exception of NCOs and enlisted. Once at the officer level, all companies must adhere to historical ranks. Ex: 2ndLt, 1stLt, Cpt, Maj, Col and so on. 

  3. Leadership in Combat: The overall strategy is agreed on before or right at the start of battle between the COs. In most cases, the brigade is split into 2 primary forces, with occasional break offs of the smaller companies as skirmishers. Both primary forces work together via discord/in game chat. When one force calls for reinforcements, the second force answers. Pride and refusal to assist allies is strongly discouraged. We win together, we lose together. COs of smaller units are encouraged to remain with one of the larger forces unless an agreed upon strategy has them operating independently.

  4. Representatives: FA has representatives for the following. Diplomacy, Strategy, Event Planning, Conflict Resolution. More details will be shared below.


Representatives’ Roles and Assignments

  1. Diplomat: This person or persons are responsible for keeping friendly relations and open lines of communication with USA and CSA COs. The diplomat will likely have access to many different company and organization discords. It is their responsibility to represent the FA- in all communications and dealings with the outside. They are expected to have a very cool head and proficiency in communication. Current Diplomats: [3rdUS]Cpt. Xbwalker

  2. Strategist: In lieu of an overall force commander, the strategist is agreed upon as the best in game planner. They should have exceptional skill at “reading” enemy movement and acting accordingly. This person’s word is considered heavily when making battlefield decisions. The strategist should possess a honed skill at quick decision making and an overall understanding of battles. Current Strategists: None currently

  3. Planner: The responsibilities of the planner are similar to those of the diplomat. They reach out to other companies and organize events as well as estimate attendance. In addition to this though, the planner also helps organize the FA- ahead of time by sending out announcements and “hyping” upcoming events. This person should possess good people skills as well as organizational and communication skills. Current Planners: [6thVT]Maj.Cyber, [3rdUS]Cpt. Xbwalker

  4. Conflict Resolution Specialist: Though it is exceedingly rare, conflicts can arise. In most cases, officers will handle conflict internally. However, if there is conflict between officers or COs, the specialist must act as the voice of reason. It is the specialist’s job to listen to both sides, take an ardent neutral stand and act as an empathetic voice in resolving said conflict. This position will vary depending on the issues, so no names are placed here. 


Applying to the Federal Army

  1. To apply to the Federal Army, reach out to any CO within the FA-. Inform them that you are interested in joining the FA-. We will provide you a link to our discord and begin a conversation. We also require applicants to have at least 10 active members. 

  2. Part of applying includes spending time with the FA- and seeing if your company is comfortable playing with us. 

  3. When your official application is given to us, the officers and COs within the FA- will discuss and vote on your entry. This process takes no more than 24 hours.

  4. If your entry is approved, you enter into a 1 month “probationary” period. During this time, your officers and CO will not have access to the FA officer chat, however your members can wear FA tags and recruit on all FA servers freely. It is strongly encouraged to recruit heavily and attend as many events as possible during your probationary period.

  5. Once your probation ends, a second vote will be called by the officers. If you are accepted, you will immediately gain access to the officer chat and will be considered a full member. If it is rejected, you will be asked to remove your FA tags.

Requirements to Join the Federal Army

  1. Applicants must be a Union Company or Regiment

  2. Applicants must bring at least 10 active members to a drill before the application is accepted. 

  3. Applicants must read the charter.

  4. Before 1 month probation ends, applicants are asked to have 15 active members.

Final Notes:

The Federal Army is strictly neutral when it comes to community issues and disagreements. We make it a point to stay out of drama between regiments. To that end, we are adamantly against stealing members from other regiments and other regiments from existing organizations. If you are an individual who is applying to join a company in the FA and it is discovered that you are in a regiment, your application will be rejected until you sort things with your previous CO. 

Thank you.

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