News From The Front

Our First Line Battle. 10thUS, 3rdUS, 6thVT, and 23rdPA along with allies from the 9thNY prepare to move out.

In July of 2019, the Federal Army Brigade met for the first time. Under the leadership of a handful of small regiments, the brigade entered the field of battle. The purpose of its creation was to bring regiments together into a military organization with minimal toxicity and a focus on teamwork, mutual respect, and fun in War of Rights. 

As of November 5, 2019, the Federal Army Brigade is nearing 300 members. We have established ourselves as a fair and friendly organization within the Union team in War of Rights, and have continued to see phenomenal growth week after week. 

If you are a potential member who is interested in joining one of our regiments, check out our "Members" page. If you are a CO or upper officer and are interested in bringing your regiment into the FA, check out our "Charter" section. Onward, to victory!

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